Route 6S

Artboard 7

Route directions

The route starts at Veterans Park. The bus proceeds down Elm Street and takes a left onto Bridge Street, a left at McGregor Street, a right onto Conant Street, and a right onto Dubuque Street. It takes a left onto Putnam Street, a right onto Bartlett Street, a left onto Amory Street, a right onto Montgomery Street, and then a left onto Bremer Street. It then takes a right onto Kimball Street to the Kelly Street Apartments. It exits out to Upland Street, and then takes a right onto Kelly Street. The bus takes a right onto Mast Road and service Hannaford’s and then Shaw’s, which is the end of the line.

From there, it takes a left onto Mast Road, a right onto College Road, a left onto St. Anselm’s Drive, and a right on Rundlett Hill Road to service St. Anselm’s College and the Dana Center. The bus continues out on St. Anselm’s Driver, takes a left onto Rundlett Hill, right on College Road, right on Mast Rd. It takes a left onto Pinard Street then left onto Upland St. into the Kelly Street Apartments.  The bus exits the apartments on Kimball St, left on Bremer St, right on Montgomery St, left on Amory St., right on Bartlett St., left on Putnam St, right on Dubuque St and then a left on Conant St.  The bus will turn left on McGregor Street, it then takes a right onto Bridge Street and a right onto Elm Street, arriving at the Center of New Hampshire/Radisson Hotel.

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