Route 8

Route 8 South Willow St / Mall of NH

Route directions

The route starts at the Center of New Hampshire/Radisson Hotel, then takes a left at Lake Avenue, a right onto Chestnut Street, a left onto Spruce Street, and a right at Union Street. It then takes a left onto South Willow Street.  It takes a right into the Michael’s / Burlington Coat Factory Plaza then takes a right to continue on Cahill Avenue, and a left at March Avenue, and then a right onto South Willow Street again. It takes a right on John E. Devine Dr to service Hannaford. The bus will circle the parking lot and exit to the right of the building onto Gold St. The bus will then turn left on Gold St. then right into Walmart. After servicing Walmart, the bus exits right to Gold St, right on So Willow St., and a left into the Mall of New Hampshire.

When the bus exits the mall, it takes a right onto South Willow Street, a right onto Union Street, and a left on Lake Avenue. It then takes a right onto Elm Street, arriving at Veterans Park.


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