Hooksett Shuttle

The MTA is pleased to partner with the Town of Hooksett to provide curb to curb transportation to residents of Hooksett

The service will be available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.   There is no charge for rides.  For more information Click Here

First time riders will be asked to provide the following information when booking a trip:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Age
  • Mobility Device Type (if any)
  • Purpose of Travel

Booking Rules:

Priority Bookings will be provided to those passengers that are 62+ years old and for those going to medical appointments. This may require the MTA to callback passengers the day prior when a schedule conflict occurs with priority bookings. (Example: A passenger booking 7 days prior for grocery shopping may need to be cancelled or rescheduled when a passenger, even one day prior, books for a medical appointment or the passenger is 62+ years old.) Riders may go anywhere within Hooksett. Rides to Concord are limited to Tuesday’s, Rides to Manchester or Bedford are limited to Thursday’s.

The Hooksett Shuttle will transport passengers to the Walmart in Hooksett where passengers can board the MTA’s #11 Front St. bus.  This allows passengers to travel throughout Manchester!  If there is anything the MTA can do to provide Hooksett riders with a better experience, please do not hesitate to call us!

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