FY16 Service Changes

As we begin to finalize the FY16 budget, MTA is proposing the following service improvements for our fixed route service.  The proposed changes include:

Route 1: Splitting Route #1 into two routes. The new Route #1 will depart VP and travel to Bridge Street then up Bridge to the Dartmouth via Eastern Ave. Service will continue to the VA before returning to Bridge Street via Mammoth for the return to downtown. This will create inbound and outbound service on Bridge Street while eliminating under utilized service on Smyth Road. While the #1 won’t travel Brook Street, the Route #5 will help offset that loss.

Route #2: has two minor changes. The 2:35 departure will now leave at 2:30 and the inbound route will continue on Hanover all the way to Elm. There is no longer a need to travel up to Bridge with the new Route #1.

Route #3: will combine the current 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM trips into one trip departing downtown at 5:30 PM.

Route #4: will eliminate the 7:30 AM and 6:30 PM trips. Service will be redeployed to provide extended service on higher ridership routes.

Route #5: will travel inbound and outbound on Union Street between Merrimack and Webster outbound and Webster and Lake inbound. This will move outbound service east from Elm to Union and provide additional access to the bus. The change also provides regular service at Union and Brook for passengers affected by the Route #1 change.  Add 5:45 PM trip.

Route #6: No change.

Route #7: No change.

Route #8: will no longer enter the former Shaws parking lot. With no development in the near future and increasing congestion on S. Willow St, this will aid the bus in improved on time performance.

Route #9: Eliminate the 5:30 PM Route #9 trip.

Route #10: Minor rerouting from Somerville that has the bus turn left on Taylor, right on Hayward, right on Porter rather than the current path of right on Jewett, left on Cilley, right on Porter. This both improves safety at the Porter and Cilley intersection and provides service to Hallsville Court, a senior community with approximately 70 units located at Hayward and Cypress.

Route #11: will travel to Manchester Community College while traveling outbound in the AM and inbound in the PM. This better correlates travel direction and arrival times at MCC with the needs of students and should eliminate the vast majority of crossings on Front Street. There will also be a new trip added at 11:30 AM.

Route #12: will have a 6:00 PM trip added.

Route #13: No change.

New Route #14: will be a new thirty minute route departing from the Radisson and traveling south on Elm, left on Lake, right on Chestnut, left on Spruce, right on Canton, left on Auburn, right on Tarrytown to Elliot Hospital, left on Massabesic, left on Mammoth, right on Lake to Eastside Plaza, then inbound on Lake all the way to Elm. This maintains service to the Eastside Plaza and Elliot Hospital but makes the trip much shorter while also restoring service to Lake Avenue.

In addition to the above changes, the schedule will be modified slightly to remove cluttered time points. While routes will still travel to these locations (Second and Woodbury for example on Route #13) there will not be a time point as there is no location for the bus to wait. Instead, the time will be adjusted at safe points that are also major demand generators (in this example, Walmart).
16. No fare increase is being considered.

A public hearing will need to be held for these changes as some are very significant. MTA has scheduled this public hearing for Tuesday, May 26th at 5:00 PM at MTA. Transportation will be available for those wishing to attend so that they may get home at the conclusion of the meeting. The Board of Commission meeting will immediately follow the public hearing. Following the public hearing, a thirty day public comment period will commence and the Board will make a final decision on service changes by June 30th. No changes will start before July 1st.

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