Manchester Transit Authority

Bremer Street/Mast Road

Route 6 – Bremer Street/Mast Road

Route Directions

The route starts at Veterans Park. The bus proceeds down Elm Street, takes a left onto Bridge Street, a left at McGregor Street, a right onto Conant Street, and a right onto Dubuque Street. It takes a left onto Putnam Street, a right onto Bartlett Street, a left onto Amory Street, a right onto Montgomery Street, and then a left onto Bremer Street. It then takes a right onto Kimball Street to the Kelly Street Apartments. It exits out to Upland Street, then takes a right onto Kelly Street. The bus takes a right onto Mast Road and services Hannaford’s and then Shaw’s, which is the end of the line.
From there, it takes a left onto Mast Road, a right onto College Road, a left onto Saint Anselm’s Drive, and a right on Rundlett Hill Road to service Saint Anselm’s College and the Dana Center. The bus continues out on Saint Anselm’s Drive, takes a left onto Rundlett Hill, a right on College Road, and a right on Mast Road. It takes a left onto Pinard Street, then left onto Upland Street into the Kelly Street Apartments. The bus exits the apartments on Kimball Street, takes a left on Bremer Street, a right on Montgomery Street, a left on Amory Street, a right on Bartlett Street, a left on Putnam Street, a right on Dubuque Street, and then a left on Conant Street. The bus turns left on McGregor Street. It then takes a right onto Bridge Street and a right onto Elm Street, arriving at the Center of New Hampshire/Radisson Hotel.

Ticket Prices

Adults: $2.00
Senior Citizens: $1.00

Ticket Outlets

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