Manchester Transit Authority

Concord Express – Zipline

Route 21 – Concord Express – Zipline

Route Directions

BEGIN ROUTE at Veterans Park
RIGHT onto Granite Street
RIGHT onto I-293 North
STRAIGHT onto I-93 North
RIGHT off exit 14
LEFT onto Loudon Road
LEFT onto Loudon Street
RIGHT onto I-93 South
STRAIGHT onto I-293 South
RIGHT off exit 5
LEFT onto Granite Street
LEFT onto Canal Street
RIGHT onto Pleasant Street
RIGHT onto Elm Street
END ROUTE at Veterans Park


DoubleTree Manchester, Manchester to Concord:

The route starts at the DoubleTree Hotel, takes a right onto Granite Street, then a right onto I-293 North. It continues onto I-93 North, then takes exit 14. At the end of the ramp, the bus takes a left onto Loudon Road, then a right onto Stickney Avenue to service the Stickney Avenue Transportation Center. The bus departs and left right on Loudon St, then turns right onto I-93 South, then merges onto I-293 South. It then takes Exit 5 and takes a left onto Granite Street, a left onto Canal Street, a right onto Pleasant St, and a right onto Elm Street, arriving at the downtown Manchester.

Note: To ride this route, a Day Pass (purchase on the bus) or a Monthly Pass (purchase at the MTA or online) is required. This route also allows passengers to connect with Concord Area Transit and Concord Coach Lines.

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