Manchester Transit Authority

The Green DASH

Route 41 – The Green DASH

Take a ride through downtown Manchester in our free shuttle. This bus runs in a figure eight around the Millyard area and downtown Manchester to ease congestion and parking. The Green DASH bus is wheelchair-accessible. This bus is one of MTA’s first propane powered buses, emitting less than .002 NOx emissions.

Route Directions

BEGIN ROUTE at Veterans Park
LEFT onto Spring Street
RIGHT onto North Commercial Street
RIGHT onto West Brook Street

RIGHT onto Hollis Street
RIGHT onto Canal Street
RIGHT onto Dow Street
RIGHT onto Elm Street
RIGHT onto Spring Street
LEFT onto Commercial Street
RIGHT onto Phillippe Cote (PICKUP at UNH MANCHESTER)

RIGHT onto Commercial Street
LEFT onto Granite Street
RIGHT onto Canal Street
LEFT onto West Auburn Street
RIGHT into Market Basket parking lot (PICKUP at MARKET BASKET)

LEFT onto Elm Street
END ROUTE at Downtown Manchester